what is casino bankroll management,

what is casino bankroll management

Bankroll management is very actual news nowadays with important and significant effects for online and mobile casinos. Especially the UK Government has taken serious decisions about spending money in casinos, both landbased as online. Casino bankroll management (or BRM) is about how much money players should spend (or not spend) whilst playing their favorite games. Bankroll management is your most important aspect of gambling! Read more...

In and Out your bankroll

Rule No. 1: do not spend money you can’t afford! If you have previously planned in your head a certain sum of money to play with and you stick to it, then you are playing 'within your bankroll'. If you play big, at higher limits with of course a high risk of losing, then you are playing 'out of your bankroll'. You can going broke! This has happened even to the best players in the world.
Therefor, we repete the 'golden rule': determine an amount of cash strictly for your gambling. This stake is your bankroll and it should contain money that you can afford to spend on gambling keeping into account that there can happen a potential loss. It is 'swimming at own risk!
After this, once you have determined what you can afford to be in your bankroll, you must decide your stakes for which you will play. Don’t make large bets with the risk to lose all in a very short time. In other words: be very cautious with your money; start off small and see what happens. You never know if you luck is with you and win with a small bet! Because that is what playing casino games is all about: LUCK! Luck will be a big factor in determining whether or not you win or lose. The casino will win in the long run, but there is still a probability for players like you to win.

Tip: the Stop Loss Technique

It’s pretty straightforward: set a loss amount that you are willing to accept for a session. If you lose that, you quit!

Take a break!

From time to time, you have to take a step back, even if you’re in a winning mood. Set a time limit for your online play. So, besides a limit on how much money you can afford, determine how much time you want to spend in your game play. Apart from this, by taking a break, you will be able to approach the next game with a clear and fresh mind and this may give you an advantage.

Do not chase losses

As the saying goes 'you win some, you lose some'. This is a big true in online gambling! Nobody wants to lose, but it happens to all casino players. You are not the only one, it's just bad luck and in the end the casinos win all times. Because if they didn't, they had to close doors for a long time! So, do not chase your losses. In general and this is a common mistake, losing players tend to keep playing because they expect to win the next bet and thus earn back their losses. Totally wrong! Instead, stop playing, read a book or look TV, and try again at another time. If you are not lucky today, may be next week or next month!


You are an important manager of yourself: control not only your bankroll, but also your playtime, your stakes, your losses but also your wins, and fresh your mind timely, stay the boss over your smartphone, tablet or desktop!
finally: play for free as much as you can! Or play with 1 minimum deposit:

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