How do I win the jackpot on slots

Can I win the jackpot playing slots

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It is very hard to win a jackpot, but of course it is possible. But … first of all you need luck! Playing slots has no strategy. So, all the blabla on the net about strategies can usually be qualified as superstition or a just lucky things having overcome players. There is no guide to win a jackpot on slot machines. The only way you can win a jackpot on slots in by playing. Its all down to luck.

Play a strategy game

An exception on this statement and where you have a little more control, play a strategy game like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat etc. but not slot games. Play blackjack where you can get almost even odds against the house. Video poker is a whole other story.

Bet max

Besides this, an advice based on ‘experienced players’ wisdom’ and people who have worked at casinos: in order to win a perpetual jackpot you need to bet max on the slot game. Games use a random number generator. This means there is no way you can have an influence on the result. In general, from every dollar spent into a slot, 75 to 95 cents goes to the casinos. A game with a payout of 90% means a ‘house advantage’ of 10%. So the casino always has a percentage not paid back. In other words: the expected payout is usually between 85 and 98%. For example, assume the payout on a machine is 90%. The longer you play, the closer your actual results will line up with the expected result, being a 10 cent loss on every dollar. The math result is that you do not go broke. The more you play, the closer you get to the payback percentage. So, you have to place maximum bets in order to raise your chances while hunting for a jackpot.

Return to Player value

Another tip to help you minimize your loses. All slot machines have a set Return to Player value (RTP). The higher it is, the higher your chances to win. RTP of 96% and higher is considered good. You can check this value for every slot machine. Some slots do have higher win rate than others. Read the game rules. There are many casinos offering slots with high RTP slots. For example, at All Slots casino. To illustrate the RTP, here are the results of this casino during December 2017: All Slots Casino calculated the average percentage payouts for the various categories. These figures reflect the percentage of total player winnings to the total amount wagered by players for this recent period: All Games 96.43%; Slot Games 96.35%; Table Games 95.96%; and Poker Games 98.87%.

It happens!

The good news after all! There will always be a jackpot winner! Some players win big. There is a chance that you are the lucky one!

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Please Gamble Responsibly     Gambling under the age of 18 is against the law. In some jurisdictions required age is even higher