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Do casinos cheat, are there cheating casinos,

Cheating by casinos

Difficult question because what is meant by cheating? Based on the content of this article and things that happen almost daily while players play online casino games, it can generally be confirmed that not all online casinos are playing the rules fairly. Some of them use unethical casino tricks. With this article, we want to explain some of these unsafe practices.

Examples that smell to fraud

Some fraudulent casino practices are:
• The casino refuses to pay out the winnings fairly won by a player
• The casino endlessly repeats verification of the player's identity
• The casino, for no reason, delays withdrawals,
• The casino marks your win as a software error and will not pay your winning
• The casino offers manipulated unlicensed games
• The casino marks every player, who converts a bonus into real money, as a bonus abuser and cancels all the bonus money.
• The casino introduces unreasonably low withdrawal limits that prevent the withdrawal of a larger win.
• When you win a bet in the casino, it pays you less than what the bet is really worth. In the long run, this 'unfair' practice (house edge) earns the casino a lot of money.
• Casinos sometimes instruct their live dealers to do certain things that may be considered 'cheating' (i.e. shuffling in blackjack).
• make it impossible to win (slot manipulation)
• sending a mail offer to players, but not honoring the offer once a player claims the offer
• The odds are always in the house's favour
• widely popular card trick: dealing the bottom card or the second top card from the deck
• offer non-existent promotions
• software may be employed to control the landing of ball (roulette)

Players Tips!

1. The first tip we advise is to check the reputation of an online casino BEFORE depositing money. A simple trick is to typ some words like 'casino does not pay', 'rogue casino', 'blacklisted casinos', 'casinos to avoid', 'bad casinos', 'casino refuses to pay out', etc. in a few different search engines.

2. Carefully read the bonus rules (terms and conditions).

3. If you are a bonus hunter: try to find casinos that do not require account verification (i.e. passport) and relevant documents. Because sooner or later the casinos find out that your are a bonus hunter and they will obstruct your (constant) winnings. As long as you do not send your passport, your account can not be linked! There are several casinos that do not require a passport when making a payment.

4. Check the regulator of the casino! In other words, check the casino's license. The better the regulator, the better the fair gambling. A good regulator investigates players' complaints. In the case of serious violation of the rules by a casino, the licence will be revoked. Regulators with a 'suspicious, and carefully formulated 'less reliable reputation' are housed in Costa Rica, Panama, Anjouan, Seychelles, Curaçao and (to a lesser extent) Gibraltar. The more respected licencing authorities are situated in Malta, Alderney and Isle of Man. Gambling is strictly regulated and monitored by authorities.

5. Be carefull with rather high revenues in proportion to the amounts you are playing for. Especially when playing in a small, solid casino, the chance that it will not pay out if one of his players wins a huge amount of money (jackpot?), excists because they simply not have the money available. Or they try to justify the reasons why they are not going to pay with all the arguments mentioned above. We assume that you as a player succeed in getting in touch with the casino. Because that is not evident when you sit with a smaller regulator. The high revenues are only lures to seduce players to play.

6. Pay attention to the maximum limit for withdrawals! which you can see in more transparent casinos. By doing this, a casino does pay out rather small winnings. For you as a player, this means that if you are lucky enough to win a big sum of money, you may have to wait for years for the money because they pay a piece of money every week or month. In other words: to withdraw a big amount of money, causes big problems... and most of the time, such casinos go bankrupt!

7. Choose casinos providing your language make the effort to translate their website into the most languages possible. Not only the site has many translation, also the customer support provides the language of your country. If it comes to discussions with the casino, this facility can be very useful!

8. Translated TandC's
To understand the rules of a casino, it makes life a lot easier when you can read them in your domestic language, that is evident.

9. Contact customer support: do not make any illusions, sooner or later you will need the customer support from the casino while visiting. Of course, most players want an immediate answer to their question(s). So crucial is how quickly customer support is reached. Or better: how fast customer support answers! Answer: the faster, the better! For example with a 24/7 helpful live chat. Very well understandable is the annoyance that a casino is only accessible by email. Should you uberhaupt play there? Probably, you have to wait 3 days for an answer and in worst case, you don't get an answer at all! Another known complaint is a (toll free) phone number but no one takes up the phone or you are not able to get through.

10. Impossible combination of unfavorable conditions
The worst scenario you can encounter is a deposit bonus with wagering HIGH requirements (WR) applying to a deposit and a bonus (d+b). There are online casinos with these practices and it is as well as impossible to win anything. Avoid this kind of casino practice.


The border between real fraud and giving casino players a not fair treatment is thin. Above we gave some examples of tricks used by online and mobile casinos to cheat. In fact, for you as a (future) casino player: make your homework before you start playing. The answer to the subject of this article is: reputable casinos do NOT cheat! The reason? They do not have to do this! The way the gambling games are set up, casinos always have guaranteed profits. No matter what players do.
And last but not least: there are two ways cheating is carried out in casinos: players cheat on casinos and casinos cheat on players!
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