What is an APM

How to deposit with an APM

Casinos use many abbreviations. For example WR for Wagering Requirement, FTD for First Time Deposit etc. In this article we explain what an APM is and what you can do with it.

APM means

We all are familiar with the more traditional transactional methods like credit and debits cards. Apart from this, casinos offer a range of so called 'alternative purchase methods'. The abbreviation is APM

The benefits of APMS

APMs allow for a range of additional benefits, such as reduced transaction rates, reduced transaction periods, additional rewards programmes and extra security to ensure your personal and transnational information remains confidential.

The most popular APMs

Use an APM or not?

As a casino player you do not have to worry about this: yes, make use of APMS. APM benefits you with significantly lower transaction fees! Secondly: very quick withdrawal and deposit periods. Besides this, all APMs have an additional loyalty program that offer real cash rewards. And finally: use your APM safely worldwide!

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