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The latest trends for mobile casino games

 Online casinos have grown massively in the last few years and are quickly overtaking land-based casinos

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CAPTION: Online casinos have grown massively in the last few years and are quickly overtaking land-based casinos


Mobile casino games have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years and it looks like they will soon overtake their desktop counterpart as the main device for online casino gameplay. In this post we will look at the most popular trends in mobile gaming and what to expect from online casinos in the future. 

  Wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies at online casinos


The introduction of cryptocurrency in the online gaming and casino industry is sure to bring many positive benefits and has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact and play mobile casino games in the years to come. The use of cryptocurrency is picking up steam in the casino industry and a number of casinos have started accepting

Bitcoin as a method of payment

. But it's not just Bitcoin that is receiving wider acceptance at live casinos; there’s also Litecoin, Dogecoin, Altcoin and Ethereum. 


The great thing about cryptocurrencies is that they are a much more secure payment option for players to use with mobile casino apps as they are not linked to a personal bank account. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are anonymous and under less legal scrutiny and players are asked for less personal details; this can help speed up the payment process as there is no verification needed for transactions and withdrawals. 


Virtual Reality Mobile Gaming


For years now ‘Virtual Reality’ has been a big buzzword in the tech world and it didn’t take long for the online casino industry to get on board with the new immersive technology. A number of online casinos offer VR mobile gaming that transports players to a realistic casino environment where they can do everything they can do in a real casino, like play slots, roulette, blackjack and many more fun and exciting casino games. Virtual reality online casinos are focused on delivering a much more social and interactive gaming experience in order to recreate the same excitement and atmosphere found in land-based casinos. Virtual reality is a trend in gaming that shows no sign of slowing down, and with more affordable VR headsets coming out all the time that are made specifically for mobile use, we expect virtual reality to revolutionise the way we play and interact with mobile casino games in the years to come.

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 Virtual Reality is sure to take the online casino world by storm in 2020

CAPTION: Virtual Reality is sure to take the online casino world by storm in 2020


Cloud Gaming 


Cloud gaming has become a big trend in the gaming world recently and is sure to be the next innovation in mobile casino gaming. The main benefit that cloud services bring to online casinos is that you can play games without having to install an app or download any software, as the internet will do all the heavy lifting so your phone doesn’t have to. With

5G right around the corner

, which is capable of delivering super fast internet speeds, we’re certain that cloud gaming will be the next big thing for mobile casino gaming. The only real drawback to cloud gaming is that you’ll likely use up a lot of your data. 

  The rise of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has come along in leaps and bounds in the past few years, and whether you like it or not, AI technology already plays a

significant role

in your day to day life. If you notice Netflix recommending movies to you that you might like, Facebook ads that are tailored to your interests or even Google search results that seemed personalised to you, that’s artificial intelligence at work. 

  The use of AI and machine learning has been a thing in gaming and online casinos for years, but today the technology has more practical applications in casino gameplay. AI is used in online casinos to understand the player better and to tailor content specifically to their preferences. In addition to this, a lot of online and mobile casinos have switched to AI-powered slot games to reduce the chance of cheating and make the game fairer for the player. AI will undoubtedly play a central role in mobile casino gaming in the future and is sure to guarantee a better gaming experience for players. 




Online casinos have evolved so much over the years and we expect to see many more changes in the future. Mobile casino games have seen a massive surge in popularity over the past few years and 2020 is expected to be the year that it will overtake all other forms of online casino gaming. If you’re looking for a reputable site to play all your favourite mobile casino games, then


is the place to be.

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