how to play in the casino, your first casino visit, play at the casino for the first time,

how to play in the casino, your first casino visit, play at the casino for the first time,

how to play in the casino, your first casino visit, play at the casino for the first time,

When you intend to play in the casino there are some things you should now to start your game. We don’t publish here complicated casino games strategies, no, just a few advices for a basic start and more specific for new players, so called newbies, that intend to visit a casino for the first time to try out their luck and win some cash money.

1. Sign up and do this carefully

This sounds patronizing but it is important but at first you do not realize this. Your identification is very important for later payment (withdraw) of your won money. Fill in your name, address, email and further requested data correctly. Avoid problems that arise afterwards so take care of your administration.

2. Choose an online casino

That is not so difficult with a little help from Google. There is no lack of choice! According to some sources there are more than 2,000 online casinos. Surf a bit round and pick out a casino that gives you a good feeling and where you are allowed to play. For your first casino visit this is literally a first gamble. On your next visits you will undoubtedly gain experience and make other choices. Now it is only about the choice of your first online casino where you want to play.

3. Choose a slot game

Afterwards you will learn that there are different kind of games, like slots, video poker, baccarat, roulette, keno, blackjack etc. Most popular amongst players and very easy to play are slots. So, we start with a slot game. If you are going to play on a mobile device then look for that part of the casino website with the tab ‘Mobile’ or ‘Mobile games’ or ‘Mobile casino’… Further on, the choice you have will be classic slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3D slots, penny slots, so good luck. May be a classic slot is a good idea for you.

4. Play the games for free

During your first visit, it is certainly not a bad idea to play a few casino games for free. Almost every casino website has a tab ‘demo play’ where you can try out the games without costing money. Even an easier way is that you go to a particular game and when you mouse over the banner of that game, you will see ‘Sign up’ of ‘Play for free’. Go for the free play and play the game a few times!

5. Accept free money or not?

For new subscribers at the casino, a ‘Welcome Bonus’ is an integral offer today. This free stuff is used to ‘welcome’ you. The most standard welcome bonus is the deposit match bonus given on a player’s first deposit , i.e. €$£10. That deposit is matched with a certain percentage and that percentage amount is given as a bonus. At some casinos this welcome bonus is applied automatically; at other online casinos you can claim it via your casino account. Sometimes you get a ‘promo code’ (bonus code, coupon code). Today, almost all welcome bonuses are given as ‘Welcome Package’, which means that the bonus is spread over several first deposits. You can always play without accepting a welcome bonus! For a list of no deposit offers, click HERE.

6. How much money do I spend?

That is a very good question! How much to spend with my first casino visit? Of course your decision depends on your personal budget. You can play to win real money with a tiny deposit of just €$£ 1 We are able to give you one common used tip: suppose you play with €25. We advise to play approx. ten times with a bet of €0.90, so a rather high bet per spin. Because the higher you bet, the more chance to win some cash. If that does not work very well, then make a few bets with €0.50. If that doesn’t bring money either, stop playing. Do not loose all your €25 playing one game until your money has gone. Leave the game and give it another try a few hours later or the day after. Just try this out. Have patience, play on different moments of the day, etc.

7. I have won!

Before you withdraw your winnings, check if you have met the wagering requirements! Very important. When you ask for a withdrawal and you did not accomplish the wagering conditions, your win will disappear! The fact that we do not pay much attention to this item in this article, does not mean that this is not of importance. Due to the length of this article we limit this condition to one sentence: carefully read the Terms and Conditions (T&C) BEFORE you apply for a payout in the casino cashier!

8. How ask for your money?

Go to the casino cashier, choose your withdrawal option and amount! Congratulations!

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