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about bitcoin gambling, play with bitcoin in a casino, withdraw bitcoins in casinos,

about bitcoin gambling, play with bitcoin in a casino, withdraw bitcoins in casinos,

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The world of online gaming is changing rapidly. Bitcoin online gambling has increased over time, more specific 2017 has been a 'wild' bitcoin year. This period was an opportunity for players to make big money in this digital currency. The gambling environment is one of the largest in Bitcoin. For example, an unknown trader (or group of traders) has placed a million-dollar bet that the bitcoin price will reach $50,000 by the end of 2018. The bet was made using a call option. So, in fact this is no real gambling but it still is a bet! Somebody said this: 'gambling isn’t really about how well you play, it’s about how well you handle your money'! And there is no better way to handle your money than Bitcoin. Fact of fake? Who knows... Anyway, some bitcoin casinos’ websites have focused on this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin rollercoast 2017

Bitcoin had a rocky ride! The price of bitcoin has fluctuated between $1,000 on January 1st 2017 and $11,000 per coin in November 2017, its all-time high of $19,843 per coin has been hitted around December 17. On New Year’s Eve 2017 its value was $14,129 per coin. A single Bitcoin had increased in value 13-fold since January 1. So, Bitcoin will finish 2017 be up more than 1,300% from its value at the start of the year.

The use of bitcoin at online casinos

Why use Bitcoin? There are several reasons:
• Bitcoin deposits are safe, secure and quick; Bitcoin is trustworthy, neutral and the protocol cannot be controlled or manipulated by anyone; each Bitcoin has a detailed history, which makes it almost impossible to counterfeit or replace:
• Ultimate privacy: all Bitcoin accounts are anonymous and the identity of all account holders are not known by anyone. This is to protect the privacy of its owners. Your account will generate a random, untraceable address every time you receive funds.
• Bitcoin has no country borders so it can be sent anywhere in the world for free and in a matter of seconds; Bitcoin is the perfect for US citizens.
• Bitcoin can be stored in a digital wallet on your phone, tablet or computer;
• It’s easy to buy;
Bitcoin is officially recognized for use by the U.S. government and European Union. Bitcoin is not limited under regulations of any country regardless of where the account was created.
• Low cost fees: Bitcoin transaction fees are very low compared to bank and e-banking transaction fees.

How to use Bitcoin?

The procedure is quite simple:
1) Get a Bitcoin wallet;
2) Purchase Bitcoin using a payment method of your choice;
3) Once the transaction is complete, your Bitcoin will appear in your wallet and you’re ready to use them. Now you can use the most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, to deposit and win cash!
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How to sell Bitcoin?

You can exchange your Bitcoin to your own currency anytime you want. Create an account with a trusted Bitcoin exchange trading platform, then transfer your Bitcoins to your exchange trading account before trading it for money.To protect your best interest, we recommend you use the trusted P2P exchange trading platform You can sell your Bitcoins directly to the individual-end buyer with this P2P exchange platform. The platform’s exchange rate is connected to the global Bitcoin exchange market, which guarantees you get the best rates available. Moreover, the Bitcoin exchange procedure is simple and no additional documents are needed to prove ownership of your Bitcoin. The platform provides a safety net. Your Bitcoins are only released and transferred to a buyer’s account after the exchange platform receives confirmation that the funds have been successfully transferred to your bank account or at any other destination that have been agreed between you and the buyer.

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