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what is a high roller, become a high roller player online,

what is a high roller player, what is a VIP player,

Via our Faqs we received these questions during this month. Is it because of the festive december month or because of the high value (and go down of the bitcoin) we don't know but for some reason or another a lot of our subscribers are interested in what a high roller is, if they can become a high roller player by playing in online casinos, when you become a high roller player, and what about the status being a VIP player. So, a lot to talk about and explain.

What is a high roller

First of all, let's explain that. A high roller, also referred to as a 'whale', is a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. This includes that most of us are not high roller players, and indeed, the term refers to roughly 500 players worldwide, most of them are Asian and Russian players, and also millionaires situated in the professional sportsworld or actors etc. These people can effort to spend lots of money carelessly, blowing money fast and recklessly. They play with high stakes and place large bets at the casino. Since they have the potential to make large sums of money from high rollers, casinos provide them with special perks that are reserved exclusively for people who place high-dollar wagers.

High roller benefits

A high roller title has to be earned. To become the 'High Roller Status' players have to spend enough time and money at a casino. High rollers receive lavish 'comps' from casinos, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use, staying in the casinos' best suites, an invite-only online casino membership. It is evident that this kind of player plays during hours, even days in casinos with generous deposits and stakes. This means that they visit 'brick' casinos and stay there for a few days. So, what about playing online? Can you get the high roller status also?

High Rollers online

With the rise of online casinos, a separate category has been created where you can find the games with the highest betting limits from all other categories. You can still play classic slots and Table games but for the big spenders there are Progressive Slots and especially the Live Casino games are traditionally High Rollers’ categories, more specific Baccarat seems to be the most popular choice for most High Rollers.
Most casinos talk about and put on their website a 'VIP' program. This is another name for the same purpose: attract big spenders (online) and offer them online games specifically designed for heavy weight gamblers.

VIP programs at online casinos

There is only one thing a player has to do in order to become a VIP player: play frequently at the same casino. The growth of his status will then depend on the amounts of your deposits and stakes. In due course, you will become an 'elite player' rewarded through VIP treatments, many privileges and interesting specials that are not available to the more common players of the casino. If you are able to spend high roller amounts, the casino will offer you a high roller VIP status, where depositing limits are practically sky high.

VIP programs benefits

Sometimes, mobile casinos can only be entered by invitation. Most casinos are so kind to add you automatically in their VIP status program which includes that you are awarded with 'Comp points' (or 'Comps') the moment you start wagering. Being an active casino player, the VIP program will reward you by higher comp point conversion, a dedicated VIP support team, exclusive promotions and bonuses, luxurious gifts and special offers and last but not least higher withdrawal and deposit limits. The more you spend on playing the casino games and depositing, the higher the benefits get and more comp points you receive.

Comp Points for High Rollers

All players earn comp points as they wager, but VIP members receive a higher comp point rate than regular players like most of us are. As a VIP you you will faster get different bonuses for your points and more comp points for converting them later in cash. According to your VIP level: the higher the level the faster you collect comps.
From time to time, the casino will surprise you with birthday gifts, holiday surprises, discounts, cash backs, gadgets, smartphones, trips to exotic destinations or to Las Vegas with your own hotel room.


High Roller is a relative term and we dare to claim that for most of the online players who follow our platform is not a goal in itself. What you can do is build up your status slowly. How? By always playing in the same online mobile casino. Our advice is that you choose three casinos where you feel good about the games and the customer support (very important). That is the opposite of what most starting players do: they subscribe at any casino they online met in order to challenge the free stuff and earn money with it. Nothing wrong with that strategy but you do not build up any comp points doing so. Your status as a player will not rise and therefore your comps will not accumulate. We advise you to select a few good mobile casinos and to continue playing them consistently. Is that boring? No because an average casino nowadays offers 100 games, possibly with different software providers and above that daily, weekly and in any case monthly opportunities in the field of new bonuses, free spins and new coupon codes. So ... why would you move to other casinos?!

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