How to Make the Most of Your Online Casino Experience

How to Make the Most of Your Online Casino Experience

There is a lot of fun - and winning - to be had while playing online casino games. From the bright lights, cool graphics, fun characters, bonuses and freebies to the endless opportunities to win big, online casinos can be an adventurous way to make some extra money. But what are the tricks to the trade - how can punters make the most of their time playing online? Study Strategies Even the simplest off games have a bit of strategy. A slot machine will have it’s lines or plays with the best odds, card games will have moments where it’s better to hold or go all-in, and big jackpots will have an average payout cycle. So do a bit of research and find out what strategies best apply to your favourite games.

Know ALL the Rules

Before getting stuck in on a new game, make sure to read up on all the rules and conditions. Sometimes odds appear too good to be true, and they might actually be. Check the odds, wagering requirements, minimums and maximums, and know exactly what you are putting your money against. Games can be a LOT of fun, but in order to give yourself the best chances at winning, know the ins and outs first!

Cash in on the Extras

One of the best things about online casinos are the extras. Welcome bonuses, promotions and freebies offer great opportunities for a little boost in your pocket before you’ve even started playing the games. Signing up for a new site often comes with a welcome bonus that can range from anything to a deposit match, free spins, or free bets. The good sites will have regular promotions on deposits or change the bonuses regularly to keep providing fresh new offers to loyal customers.

Find Your Edge

Every game will have a house edge - that’s the casinos average profit from each player’s wages. Usually table and card games have the lowest house edge - blackjack tables may be as low as 0.05% when played with good strategy - whereas slots have around 3-6% house edge, reducing your overall odds of winning. Figure out which of your favourite games have the most favourable edge, and you’ll be giving yourself a winning boost.

Get Your Money

Making deposits - and getting that payout - easily is an important part of playing online casinos. Look for sites that have quick turnaround times for deposits and withdrawals (sites that take several days to payout could be a warning sign of a failing casino). Also check to see how many payment options are available - reputable, trusted casinos will not just have debit and credit card options, but convenient choices like PayPal, Neteller and other epay services.

Avoid Unlicensed Sites

It may seem obvious, but choosing a reputable, licensed gambling site is extremely important when it comes to making the most of online casino play. Before signing on with a new site, check the bottom of the web page and make sure there is a certifiable, license from an official gambling commission. If you have any doubts about the casino, do a quick internet search and make sure nothing comes up related to scams or customer complaints - the worst and best reviews will always show up at the top.

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